Tips and Suggestions

Dada wants you to have a great event and the best experience possible. As he has seen many good but also badly organized events, he would like to offer you some practical tips and suggestions to make sure you will be fully satisfied of the outcome. Sometime a small oversight can greatly affect the speaker’s presentation and thus create a negative effect on the audience. Please ignore the following if you are an expert in the field and this info does not apply to you.

Equipment Requirements
Dada prefers to use a wireless microphone, which allows him to move around freely. It would be recommended to have a spare one available. Dada uses MS PowerPoint on his Apple MacBook Pro and carries his own Apple DVI video adaptor and remote control. He requires an LCD Projector (preferably 1800-5000 lumens or over) and the cable to connect it into his Apple DVI adaptor. A table on the side of the stage is required for the laptop. If it is absolutely necessary to have Dada’s presentation controlled from backstage, he will need a clicker and a monitor to see what is being projected.

Stage and Timing
Theater or classroom seating is preferable, in chevron style seating if possible. The stage area has to be well lit so that Dada can interact with the audience better. Also, a bright room is more congenial for people to remember and to laugh more.
Avoid situations where adjacent events or other programs create noise that is distracting to the speaker and audience.
Avoid the situation where the audience is still eating as it creates unnecessary distraction and lack of concentration.
Please schedule the event at a time when participants are fresh and attentive. After lunch, or early morning after a cocktail party will diminish the impact Dada’s presentation can have on your audience.
Also please schedule a break after Dada’s presentation, as to allow for personal introductions, questions, etc.